Thursday, May 3, 2012


What started as a "quick trip home" has evolved into a full-fledged work week. 

Does anyone else experience the "when it rains it pours" phenomenon? As soon as one good bit of news or work come in, it magnetically attracts other opportunities. In business school, we talked about the principle of rarity - if something had a limited quantity, it is more desirable. 

I really love having the flexibility to be dually-based in both DC and NYC. My parents generously keep a bed open for me, and I've been known to call them last minute and say, "I'm coming home tonight for the next five days. Okay?" 

I think they like it :)

This week has been surprisingly busy and productive. I originally came home for a gig on Saturday to make some extra cash, and the time has filled itself in. As my friend Kristen pointed out, I'm working a lot of different jobs this week! I was in a commercial, I finished a website, I'm subbing for a church choir, I'm working as a bartender, and I have an audition. 

And I thought this would be a vacation filled with HBO on Demand.

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  1. LOL! Go ahead Britt! I'm headed that way tomorrow for a commercial audition! this is what we do right! I like the flexibility too, but looking for a PT job up here now! Have a great weekend!